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    Environmental Commitment We love our planet
    We are growing in environmental excellence completing over 1,000 green initiatives since 2007.
    • reduced electricity consumption by 365,914,234 kwh…enough to power 35,522 homes for one year
    • reduced water consumption by 59.7 billion gallons…enough to fill 90,462 Olympic-sized swimming pools
    • reduced process chemicals usage by 2,640 tons
    • reduced cardboard consumption in packaging by 6,845 tons…the equivalent of 1,521 elephants
    • reduced trucking distances by 112,500 miles…the same as traveling around the world 4.5 times
    • in 2012, we recycled 89% of our total waste and reduced waste generation by 6,239 tons…equal to the amount of waste produced annually by 1,560 families of 5

    Amazing Colors

    Five new colors, assorted styles


    Vintage Heather Red
    Vintage Heather Navy
    Vintage Heather Blue
    Vintage Heather Maroon
    Vintage Heather Red

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